A Fresh New Look!


As some of you may have noticed I've given the website a little refresh. I felt that now the business has grown, I needed a website that gave me a little more features than the old one.

So far things seem to be running really smoothly, I'm happiest about the new homepage - it finally looks like an actual homepage rather than just a list of my products and I can hopefully showcase different aspects of the business with you all.

Unfortunately, the new coding I've had to use to add VAT (Translation: Sales Tax) onto the displayed prices for my customers in the EU means was incompatible with a currency converter. This is literally the only downside to the new website, but I have linked a currency converter at the top of my page that you can all use to give an idea of what your order will be in your home currency.

I'd love to hear your opinions on the new site, are there any changes you'd like to see? Is it all working OK for you all (especially you EU customers - are you seeing prices with in VAT after them??)

Laurelin :-)

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