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Moomin x Novita - LIttle My's Favourites

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The 3rd Novita x Moomins booklet includes 7 patterns in both Knit and Crochet - including a Snormaiden Knitted Hat, Hattifatteners Socks and a stunning crochet Moomin blanket.

The colours of the Moomin x Novita yarns are inspired by Tove Jansson’s classic Moomin books: they remind us of the warmth of the Moominhouse and of the sea breeze in Moomin Valley. You can buy the 1st Moomin x Novita pattern book by Clicking Here and the 2nd Book by Clicking Here.

See the patterns contained in the book, and their yarn requirements by reading this Blog Post (link to follow when I've written the post). View the Novita yarns currently in stock by Clicking Here.