About us

Snufflebean Yarn was born on a whim in 2016,  I would love to say that I always dreamed of owning my yarn shop, but I'd be a liar if I did. Fed up of struggling to find stockists of lesser known brands like Cygnet, and frustrated by having to always direct my customer to large online suppliers, I took the plunge and opened up a very tiny website.

Although I am a tiny one-woman business, I think anything but small when it comes to customer service and pricing. I pride myself on offering prices equal to my largest competitors, but still offer a personalised service that you simply can't get with a much larger company. I don't want my customers to have to compromise on price simply because they choose to support an independent business.

Over the last three years the business has grown from my spare room, and is now run from a little garden office in my back garden, commercial premises remain unviable, but my little office gives me a dedicated space to work from, and gives me a precious work/life balance that I struggled to maintain when working from the spare bedroom.

I have grown range of products I stock has grown to include brands like Scheepjes, Novita and West Yorkshire Spinners. Although space remains tight, I am always looking for ways to grow, and hope to become the biggest "little" webshop in the UK.