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Best Baby Blanket Yarns

What's the best yarn for a baby blanket?

Probably the question I get asked most often, and the truth in there's a vast array of yarns that work really well for baby blankets, and the final choice often comes down to personal preference.

Personally, I like to use an acrylic (or an acrylic mix) for my baby blankets. I know that lots of people don't feel this way, but from my experience as a mother I want something that can be washed over and over again easily and quickly without the blanket deteriorating or fading. My current favourite acrylic is Scheepjes Colour Crafter, not only does it come in a vast array of shades, but it withstands repeated washing amazingly well with little pilling and no fading.

Blanket made with Colour Crafter

If natural fibres are more your sort of thing, then you can use a 100% Cotton yarn, or a Cotton mix yarn. These yarns are breathable and withstand washing too, but I often find that 100% cotton yarns can be a little heavy, and stiff to work with. So my advice when picking a cotton yarn is to pick one that is soft, and not mercerised. A cotton yarn with a small man-made fibre content can often be a lot softer and worth the compromise of not using a 100% natural fibre. I stock Cygnet 100% Cotton, which is a great value 100% cotton, and is on the softer end of the scale.

Cygnet 100% Cotton

I've also made lots of blankets using Scheepjes Whirls and Whirlette's. A 60/40 Cotton Acrylic mix gives the finished articles the softness of acrylic but with the breathability of Cotton. I can't deny that this is a luxury option as the Whirls in particular are at a higher price point than most budget yarns, but if you're looking to create a gorgeous baby gift then the soft colour transition is worth every penny. I recently made a baby blanket holding the Whirl doubled with a Whirlette which gave it the extra thickness that's lacking when working with the 4ply Whirl single stranded.

Baby Blanket made with Scheepjes Whirl and Whirlette

Ultimately there is a vast array of yarns out there that work perfectly for a baby blanket. The only fibre I tend to steer clear of is Merino, its delicate and takes an age to dry after washing - not ideal when you have a baby that needs snuggling.

I'm always happy to recommend yarns if you are stuck with what to choose - drop me an email on, or send me a message on my social media channels and I'll do my very best to help you pick the perfect yarn for your project.



  • Posted by Stephanie Vinyard on

    Hi, I am knitting a toy for a new baby. The pattern says to use cotton but I have bought 2 lots and both are stiff and I want some thing soft. I note that you suggest cotton/acryllic for baby blankets. Can you recommend anything which is baby soft in cotton/acrylic please. I need 100gms of light grey and 50gms each of 4ply – different collours. My brain is addled. Thank you.

  • Posted by Jayden Hutchinson on

    Looking for …Hayfield baby Blossom chunky yarn . Color in 1.)Baby Bouquet 2.) Picnic. 3.) Blue Bell
    4.) Pink Primrose 5.)Little Lavender 6.) Buttercup &7.) shcheepjes chunky white. Each of the yarns are stripped. .from the Spring Meadow Baby Blanket Video

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