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Ooo Hello!

Well hello, this is all a bit exciting!

I've taken the rather scary (for me) step of upgrading the website provider I use to hopefully provide you lovely people with a better shopping experience. One of the happy side-lines of the new provider is the ability to write a little blog.

Tea, cakes, perfect house photos, and general amazing housewifeness this will not be. I am generally the antithesis of your average crafter. I don't bake, I can barely cook (my husband does all that), I have one crochet item in the whole house, and I'm that mum that always leaves things for school until the last minute.

In other words, I'm totally hapless, so follow my little blog at your own peril!


  • Posted by Caroline Allen on

    You sound just like me! I’m a house wife that doesn’t housewife! I look forward to reading your blog posts in the near future xx

  • Posted by Mayite on

    I love reading post like this one ?? I love it and all the best!

  • Posted by Fahmida on

    Lol I wish my husband cooked sighs. I’m also the same always leave everything to last minute… sighs

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