Multi Currency

It's now possible for you to shop the store in several different currencies, this will eliminate any confusion over currency conversion, and hopefully prevent any nasty surprise transaction fees from your card provider.

You can select currencies by using the Currency Selector in the top left-hand corner of the page (in the sidebar menu or footer if you're browsing using a mobile!) Or alternatively, you can simply click one of the links below and shop away:

 There is also a currency switcher located at the bottom of the page in the Footer

PLEASE NOTE: If you view the store in your home currency and chose to pay using Amazon Pay or Paypal then you will be subject to their currency conversion rates and the GBP prices for my items displayed on your receipt may differ to what the website displays. THIS DOES NOT CHANGE THE AMOUNT YOU ARE BEING CHARGED IN YOUR OWN CURRENCY, However, to avoid this please shop in GBP and allow your bank to do the conversion.