Novita arrives at Snufflebean Yarn!

Big News! After 14 months of waiting, I am FINALLY able to stock the wonderful Finnish brand Novita.

As some of you may know, I am half Finnish, and I spent every summer of my childhood on the edge of a Finnish lake in a little red and white summer cottage.

One summer, my sister in law taught me to crochet, using a Novita cotton yarn (the name long escapes me), and a passion was born. I still have some of the crochet hats I made during my fledgling crochet years, I can safely say they are truly awful, but the happy memories they bring back are priceless.

About a year ago, I approached Novita and asked to be a stockist, there was no one at the time stocking Novita yarn, and as my grandmother had sadly passed away, my mum no longer visited regularly, and my Finnish yarn supply had dried up.

Unfortunately, Novita were already in an exclusivity deal and about to launch in the UK, but fast forward to this month, and I finally have a stock order of their yarns on the way!

Initially I will be stocking a selection of their Aran weight "7 Brothers" range - this is the yarn my grandmother swore by, and used well into her 90s. Its an aran weight sock yarn, and I find the thicker yarn makes for amazing Wellie and Slipper socks. I'll also be stocking the Brand New Moomin range - a fun range of DK weight yarn inspired by the Moomins and their colours.

I hope I can continue to expand the range of Novita that I stock, and bring you a little slice of Finland from my little yarn shed in deepest darkest Bedfordshire.

If you'd like to browse what I currently stock then please Click Here

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