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International Postage Increase

Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, I have continued to ship internationally. My foreign customers have always made up the bulk of my customer base, and I feel incredibly loyal to them, and despite the uncertainty surrounding International post, I took the decision not to suspend sending parcels abroad. 

It is therefore with a heavy heart that yesterday I was forced to pass on the astronomical price increases Royal Mail have recently introduced. I have tried to increase them as little as I can, but there is only so far I can subsidise postage costs and remain a viable business.

A large part of the increase is a temporary COVID19 surchage, implemented due to the lack of commercial airliners around to carry post, and reflecting the fact it is costing Royal Mail a lot more to carry the parcels using freight services.

Rest assured I am constantly monitoring this surcharge, and if it decreases then I will be immediately adjusting my prices downwards to reflect the change. I've never made a profit on my shipping charges and this isn't going to change.

I fully understand that these increased shipping costs mean that most of you will not be able to justify paying them anymore, I only ask that you keep checking back, and don't forget me completely, as I do really hope that postage prices will be heading downwards again in the coming months.

Stay safe, stay well, and keep crafting :-)



  • Posted by Debra Cursaro on

    Hi laurel one, rest assured I haven’t forgotten you 🤗 I look forward to receiving my parcels from your shop all the way to South Australia 🇦🇺 I know it will take longer in customs as they must hold it for a while then when I get it I discard the outer parcel package place them in a plastic bag seal it for two weeks before enjoying what has come. I have a request if at all possible if you have worked with or know the qualities & feel or handle of yarn I would love to know as I can’t touch before I buy so this would be helpful & I really do appreciate being able to purchase from your store 🙏 thank you ☺️ so much I found out about your store through hooked by Robin & she is an awesome teacher 😁💕

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